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Author: thefeel4games, posted on 18 Mar 2015
Sector: Other manufacturing services
Gamers long for a more realistic and captivating gaming experience, yet developers have not been able to significantly engage other senses past sight and hearing in videogames, never truly feeling what it's like to explore these virtual worlds.

THEfEEL4GAMING VEST is a wearable haptic feedback gaming accessory that reimagines haptic signals from your game and sends them to specific points as live contact, allowing you to feel the game.The Horsepower of the prestigious Ferarri on Forza, a Superstars heartbeat in NBA 2k, and every exoskeleton and bullet action in Call of Duty can now physically be experienced through you, the player. For Developers it can be a unique way to make their games really shine, or as easy as right controller rumble, right vest sensations, without even having hands on with our technology.

With your monitor you can see the game, with your speakers you can hear the game, now with THEfEEL4GAMING vest you can feel the game. Maybe a Game, Maybe Real!

THEfEEL4GAMES has very comprehensive and strategic business plan with accurate financial projections based on current sale data. The plan includes TAM, SAM, and S0M, a thorough marketing strategy, a clear business model, the team backed by Georgia Tech and 2 Ga Tech advisors, future attachment products, and the bases for this companies fast potential growth and high ROI. We also have a 20minute digital presentation.

We are asking for $150k for 10% or 150k at market rates over a 5-year note. Contact: or call 470-899-5719

  • Controller and receiver
  • Promotional Material

Executive Summary
Patent: Yes
Prototype: Done
Market research: Done
Financial requirement: 100K - 1M USD
I am looking for: Investor / Financial partner (business angel, private investor, etc)