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Title: Antenna Balls
Author: idballs, posted on 4 Oct 2012
Sector: Rubber and plastics products

Our Antenna Balls are manufactured from a high-density soft foam material. This is the material used to make the very popular Jack and Mickey.

Benefits of soft foam material:
1. The soft foam is actually colored material, not painted! No paint means no chipping!

2. Antenna Balls are either molded into round balls, die cut into specific shapes or molded in to 3-dimensional molded designs.

3. The soft foam expands over all size car antenna's or pencils/pens. Whereas other materials require adapters or the customer's need to dig or carve out a larger hole, and will expand and compress over all size car antenna's and other uses.

Patent: Yes
Prototype: Done
Market research: Done
Financial requirement: None
I am looking for: Sales partner to sell the idea