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Title: Sunglasses with Built in Mobile phone and My Magazine Idea!
Author: salomon_85, posted on 18 Jul 2011
Sector: Research and development services
A sunglasses built mobile with all mobile accessories that will have everything plus a toch screen, so you can sit and surf, or watch a movie or record their own videos. It will be voice-activated so you just say a name will call up the person.
Why is not there already watch mobiles why not sunglasses mobiles? Plus it helps of course lots of people so they do not have to carry lots of unnecessary things all the time they put on sunglasses, they have everything they need right?. I really hope you choose me I will never do is disappointed I have ever mass with new ideas freshening. So trust me.
Through hard work, and visit the art world, therefore China will come in to some factories in China which manufactures sunglasses with built-in camera and video, MP3 player and radio so you can get himself useful knowledge or you can just talk to some engineers who know how to do a sunglasses camera. Honestly hope you choose me I have lots of other ideas so I at I will be one of the ten finalists who will talk to personally?. You may have a great summer ahead of you.
It should be about everything between heaven and jord.Den be about cars, boats, celebrities and testing new Products, such as new computers, laptops, cell phones, camcorders, cameras and experiment with new clothes and pants that say about everything and so models and amateur models that I think about helping them to reach up DEAS dreams by helping them to get a contract because if they were becoming famous by appearing in my magazine.
Help other people achieve their dreams the way I hope you will help me achieve my dreams.
I need era contacts plus the money to do my magazine. One of my dreams has always been to own my own magazine eimperum worldwide. I hope I get my judge for the meet itself.
Patent: None
Prototype: None
Market research: None
Financial requirement: 10K - 100K USD
I am looking for: Investor / Financial partner (business angel, private investor, etc)