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Title: Guardly - Mobile Personnal Safety
Author: idguardly, posted on 20 Mar 2011
Sector: Telecommunications and program distribution services
Instantly connect to your safety network with the push of a button.

Instantly alert family, friends, & authorities
With the touch of a button, Guardly alerts and connects your personal safety network via voice conference, sms, and email resulting in a faster response to your emergency alert.

Group collaboration
Guardly empowers you and your emergency contacts to collaborate in real-time via mobile-web, web, sms, and voice conferencing. Our collaboration platform empowers your network to work together to help you.

LocationAssure™ Technology
When an emergency occurs, your personal safety network will always know where you're located. With Guardly's LocationAssure™ technology, we can pin-point your exact GPS location and provide you with valuable information about what's located around you, and how it can aid your situation.

Share Photos and Media
Regain control of a situation by quickly snapping a photo of a threatening person or situation. Recorded media will be tagged with your location, immediately uploaded to our secure server and shared with your emergency contacts and authorities.

Integrates with Emergency Services & Partners
Guardly allows you to customize your emergency communication plan and connect with 911 or other public emergency services. We're partnering with regional security agencies, police services, and university/college operations to provide you with even greater protection if emergencies occur within those areas.
Patent: Yes
Prototype: Done
Market research: Done
Financial requirement: None
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