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Title: Rent a Frent
Author: idfrently, posted on 8 Jan 2011
Sector: Recreational, cultural and sporting services
We know what you are thinking... "Renting" people? That is for someone that can't find anyone to stand them for over 10 minutes. Well that is not the case. Though we do offer our users the ability to find companions and hang out with someone on a boring day, it goes much deeper than that. There are all kinds of interesting and unique people out there that would be great to know for certain occasions, events, and activities. Life is all about connections, who you know, and the people around you tend to shape who you become. So why not explore different social circles and all kinds of people all over the world? It may turn out to be a life changing experience. Stop sitting in front of the computer and start meeting, doing, earning, and living.

Patent: None
Prototype: Done
Market research: None
Financial requirement: None
I am looking for: Sales partner to sell the idea