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Title: Creating intellgent business data base & Manage
Author: jrk1174, posted on 19 Feb 2010
Sector: Consulting and management services
Geographical restriction: India

I have proposal/idea to create all business locations and maintain that database in intelligent way.

Many of the times people start business without doing proper research and they end up with loss either due to business is not viable or that business exists already in the same locality. My proposal is to maintain the data base related to all business around that locality. Let's say each out let can cover let’s say 3kmx3km in city and each out let maintains the data base for each and every business exists in that location with all information like size, revenues, category etc.,). and also some research data like how many consumers required for viability of any particular business. This data base shall be maintained upto date and it is ongoing process.

The expected use case for user:

a) user can refer this information to decide whether he can start tha business in that location, if hewant to start then where?
b) Consultancy for the user on which business he can start to make it profitable based on already existing business and residence density and types.
c) paid login access to the data base.
d) Provide this information for any marketing research agencies for future analysis and exploration and many more

expected revenue generation points
consultancy fee form new starter, or information providing ec.,

Some ideas how it can be done:
data gathering with GPS device for all commercial locations and integrate with google map and search engine.
integrating market info, research data and SW etc.,

I welcome your comments on this whether it is viable business and profitable and sustainable etc.
And also any improvements/ideas you would like to add in this direction are appreciated very much.

Patent: None
Prototype: To be done
Market research: To be done
Financial requirement: 10K - 100K USD
I am looking for: Partner to share and develop the idea