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Title: Jo's Farm
Author: johnspinto, posted on 30 Nov 2009
Sector: Live animals and animal products

Project to create an eco-friendly Self sustaining farm to breed 1000 Meat Goats and 5000 rabbits per annum at Village Amberi, Taluka Kudal, District Sindhudurg, Maharashtra, in stage (1)

Stage (2) This will include Plantation of 5000 Acacia Mangium Plants also known as Australian Teak , the teak plantation will support pepper. Gobar gas plant will be used to supply fuel for the energy requirements of the farm.

Stage (3) Windmill and Photovoltiac power will be alternatively generated to cover the electric requirements.

Total Project Cost 31.50 Lacs

Land (Already Purchased) 12.00 Lacs

Funds Required 12.00 Lacs

Internal Generation 7.50 Lacs

========= =========

Total 31.50 Lacs 31.50 Lacs


Patent: None
Prototype: None
Market research: Done
Financial requirement: 10K - 100K USD
I am looking for: Investor / Financial partner (business angel, private investor, etc)