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Agriculture, forestry and fishery products4
Products of agriculture, horticulture and market gardening0
Live animals and animal products1
Forestry and logging products1
Fish and other fishing products1
Ores and minerals; electricity, gas and water3
Coal and lignite; peat0
Crude petroleum and natural gas0
Uranium and thorium ores0
Metal ores0
Stone, sand and clay0
Other minerals0
Electricity, town gas, steam and hot water3
Electrical energy2
Coal gas, water gas, producer gas and similar gases, other than petroleum gases and other gaseous hydrocarbons0
Steam and hot water0
Renewable energies1
Food products, beverages and tobacco; textiles, apparel and leather products5
Meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, oils and fats1
Dairy products0
Grain mill products, starches and starch products; other food products1
Tobacco products0
Yarn and thread; woven and tufted textile fabrics0
Textile articles other than apparel1
Knitted or crocheted fabrics; wearing apparel0
Leather and leather products; footwear1
Other transportable goods, except metal products, machinery and equipment6
Products of wood, cork, straw and plaiting materials0
Pulp, paper and paper products; printed matter and related articles0
Coke oven products; refined petroleum products; nuclear fuel0
Basic chemicals0
Other chemical products; man-made fibres1
Rubber and plastics products3
Glass and glass products and other non-metallic products n.e.c.0
Furniture; other transportable goods n.e.c.2
Wastes or scraps0
Metal products, machinery and equipment16
Basic metals0
Fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment1
General-purpose machinery0
Special-purpose machinery2
Office, accounting and computing machinery0
Electrical machinery and apparatus5
Radio, television and communication equipment and apparatus2
Medical appliances, precision and optical instruments, watches and clocks1
Transport equipment5
Construction services1
Construction services0
General construction services of buildings0
General construction services of civil engineering works0
Site preparation services0
Assembly and erection of prefabricated constructions0
Special trade construction services0
Installation services0
Building completion and finishing services0
Renting services related to equipment for construction or demolition of buildings or civil engineering works, with operator0
Distributive trade services; lodging; food and beverage serving services; transport services; and utilities distribution services5
Wholesale trade services1
Retail trade services1
Lodging; food and beverage serving services2
Land transport services0
Water transport services0
Air transport services0
Supporting and auxiliary transport services1
Postal and courier services0
Electricity distribution services; gas and water distribution services through mains0
Financial and related services; real estate services; and rental and leasing services2
Financial intermediation, insurance and auxiliary services1
Real estate services1
Leasing or rental services without operator0
Business and production services (incl. Internet websites)14
Research and development services1
Legal and accounting services0
Other professional, technical and business services1
Consulting and management services1
Architectural services and urban planning and landscape architectural services0
Engineering services0
Specialty design services0
Scientific and other technical services0
Advertising services0
Market research and public opinion polling services0
Photographic services and photography processing services0
Other professional, technical and business services n.e.c.0
Telecommunications services; information retrieval and supply services (incl. Internet websites)8
Telecommunications and program distribution services3
Internet telecommunications services (incl. websites)2
Online information provision services2
News agency services0
Library and archive services0
Support services0
Employment agency services and supply of personnel services0
Investigation and security services0
Cleaning services0
Packaging services0
Other support services0
Services incidental to agriculture, hunting, forestry, fishing, mining and utilities0
Maintenance, repair and installation (except construction) services0
Manufacturing services on physical inputs owned by others0
Other manufacturing services3
Community, social and personal services8
Public administration and other services to the community as a whole; compulsory social security services0
Education services0
Health and social services0
Sewage and refuse disposal, sanitation and other environmental protection services0
Services of membership organizations0
Recreational, cultural and sporting services2
Other services2
Domestic services3
Services provided by extraterritorial organizations and bodies0