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1 Robot de jardin aspirateur/broyeur Robot de jardin aspirateur/broyeur de feuilles 0Agriculture, forestry and fishery
Nicolas2009082222 Aug 2009 331501
2 Table électromagnétiqueTable électromagnétique 84Telecommunications services; information
retrieval and supply services (incl.
Internet websites)
vmaury200909011 Sep 2009 378021
3 Localiseur de véhiculeLocaliseur de véhicule 49Transport equipment idomeur2009092626 Sep 2009 140300
4 Haubanage des arbresHaubanage des arbres 03Forestry and logging products idjacquespelletier2009092626 Sep 2009 135100
5 Système de cultures d'algues à fiSystème de cultures d'algues
à fibres dialysantes
04Fish and other fishing products idpierre2009092626 Sep 2009 134200
6 Moteur à gravitéMoteur à gravité 44Special-purpose machinery idgillesroubaud2009092929 Sep 2009 133600
7 Vehicle LocatorVehicle Locator 49Transport equipment idomeur2009093030 Sep 2009 141200
8 Phares verts de courtoisiePhares verts de courtoisie 49Transport equipment idwielmans200910066 Oct 2009 139800
9 Dispositif de cuisson pour cheminéDispositif de cuisson pour cheminée
et barbecue
44Special-purpose machinery idsozzi200910066 Oct 2009 137200
10 Outdoor and Athletic Gear made fromOutdoor and Athletic Gear made from trash 27Textile articles other than apparel idatayne2009101919 Oct 2009 138500
11 Handpicked shoes by monthly subscriHandpicked shoes by monthly subscription 29Leather and leather products; footwear idshoedazzle2009101919 Oct 2009 137300
12 Voltage optimisation for the homeVoltage optimisation for the home 46Electrical machinery and apparatus idvphase2009101919 Oct 2009 140500
13 Interactive SMS Mobile MarketingInteractive SMS Mobile Marketing 841Telecommunications and program
distribution services
idtxtstation2009101919 Oct 2009 144600
14 Barecode to alert customers to counBarecode to alert customers to counterfeit
61Wholesale trade services idbarcodeplus2009101919 Oct 2009 132200
15 Thin flexible Solar PanelsThin flexible Solar Panels 174Renewable energies idpowerfilmsolar2009101919 Oct 2009 296000
16 Bloggers travel freeBloggers travel free 842Internet telecommunications services
(incl. websites)
idyokmok2009102525 Oct 2009 146800
17 Digital storage for all of the guarDigital storage for all of the guarantees
and warranties
842Internet telecommunications services
(incl. websites)
idgarantihotel2009102525 Oct 2009 551400
18 aromicon - Eine Geschmackssuchmascharomicon - Eine Geschmackssuchmaschine für
24Beverages idaromicon2009111515 Nov 2009 140600
19 Track you moves and challenge your Track you moves and challenge your friends 96Recreational, cultural and sporting
idendomondo2009111515 Nov 2009 147800
20 Fresh Fruits Vending MachineFresh Fruits Vending Machine 21Meat, fish, fruit, vegetables,
oils and fats
idlof2009111919 Nov 2009 315700
21 Jo's FarmJo's Farm 02Live animals and animal products johnspinto2009113030 Nov 2009 172200
22 Franchise transport/location/venteFranchise transport/location/vente 49Transport equipment idlapetitereine200912055 Dec 2009 150000
23 Pet LocatorPet Locator 47Radio, television and communication
equipment and apparatus
idspotlightgps200912066 Dec 2009 145500
24 Online Grocery Online Grocery 23Grain mill products, starches and
starch products; other food products
sushma2009200912099 Dec 2009 140200
25 Conversion de radiateurs anciensConversion de radiateurs anciens 46Electrical machinery and apparatus idecorad2010012323 Jan 2010 125700
26 Soccer ball electrical generatorSoccer ball electrical generator 171Electrical energy idsoccket2010021212 Feb 2010 127600
27 Cardboard foldable recyclable baby Cardboard foldable recyclable baby feeding
38Furniture; other transportable
goods n.e.c.
idbelkiz2010021313 Feb 2010 156000
28 Bicycles for poor countriesBicycles for poor countries 49Transport equipment idworldbike2010021414 Feb 2010 132200
29 Generating energy from your footsteGenerating energy from your footsteps 171Electrical energy idpavegen2010021515 Feb 2010 138600
30 Cyclean: protection of handlebarsCyclean: protection of handlebars 35Other chemical products; man-made
idcyclean2010021616 Feb 2010 140200
31 Creating intellgent business data bCreating intellgent business data base &
831Consulting and management services jrk11742010021919 Feb 2010 150000
32 Le distributeur qui cuit le pain etLe distributeur qui cuit le pain et le délivre
tout chaud
46Electrical machinery and apparatus pac vending2010032424 Mar 2010 158700
33 L’immobilier devient mobile : panL’immobilier devient mobile : panneaux
72Real estate services inbip2010032525 Mar 2010 168300
34 Nouveau concept pour les personnes Nouveau concept pour les personnes en déplacement,
expatriées ou en vacances
98Domestic services idtrankilnet2010041010 Apr 2010 180600
35 tools for handicapped for handicapped children. 48Medical appliances, precision and
optical instruments, watches and
dhruv2010062727 Jun 2010 140700
37 Automated Public ToiletAutomated Public Toilet 97Other services seemabi2010083030 Aug 2010 148600
38 Café - Vélo BaristamoveCafé - Vélo Baristamove 62Retail trade services idbarista201101088 Jan 2011 147200
39 Rent a FrentRent a Frent 96Recreational, cultural and sporting
idfrently201101088 Jan 2011 151700
40 Pay by smartphonePay by smartphone 71Financial intermediation, insurance
and auxiliary services
idcimbal201101088 Jan 2011 133100
41 Guardly - Mobile Personnal SafetyGuardly - Mobile Personnal Safety 841Telecommunications and program
distribution services
idguardly2011032020 Mar 2011 136700
42 Green GarageGreen Garage 67Supporting and auxiliary transport
idgreengarage2011032222 Mar 2011 173700
43 Cannelle beauty salonsCannelle beauty salons 97Other services idcannelle2011032626 Mar 2011 211400
44 Laundry and dry cleaningLaundry and dry cleaning 98Domestic services idlaundrylocker2011032828 Mar 2011 168100
45 Der Babywäscheverleih für das ersDer Babywäscheverleih für das erste
halbe Jahr
98Domestic services idlutteleihen2011032929 Mar 2011 159400
46 Wire-free charging solutions for moWire-free charging solutions for mobile devices 46Electrical machinery and apparatus idpowerkiss2011041212 Apr 2011 175800
47 Sunglasses with Built in Mobile phoSunglasses with Built in Mobile phone and
My Magazine Idea!
81Research and development services salomon_852011071818 Jul 2011 173000
48 FlorianFlorian 42Fabricated metal products, except
machinery and equipment
Bevfd11132011121111 Dec 2011 172800
49 delayed textdelayed text 841Telecommunications and program
distribution services
zall7@bellsouth.net201203088 Mar 2012 128800
55 Console de jeux pour déficients viConsole de jeux pour déficients visuels 47Radio, television and communication
equipment and apparatus
idodimo2012041515 Apr 2012 189200
56 Algopack - Matériau rigide à baseAlgopack - Matériau rigide à
base d'algues
38Furniture; other transportable
goods n.e.c.
idalgopack201205055 May 2012 205400
57 Draqie - Touchscrean - Fully automaDraqie - Touchscrean - Fully automated ordering
843Online information provision services iddrqie201205055 May 2012 181700
58 8Business and production services
(incl. Internet websites)
Ladybugtn2012052626 May 2012 126600
59 Goggles for dogsGoggles for dogs 36Rubber and plastics products iddogles201210044 Oct 2012 166700
60 Antenna BallsAntenna Balls 36Rubber and plastics products idballs201210044 Oct 2012 163400
61 Revolights. Join the revolutionRevolights. Join the revolution 46Electrical machinery and apparatus idrevolights201210055 Oct 2012 183000
62 MonChefCuisto, trouvez facilement dMonChefCuisto, trouvez facilement des chefs
cuisiniers talentueux
63Lodging; food and beverage serving
idmonchefcuisto2013021616 Feb 2013 167300
63 Casque de vélo pliableCasque de vélo pliable 36Rubber and plastics products idiverade2013022828 Feb 2013 184000
64 Paiement des Pizza à Distance ou pPaiement des Pizza à Distance ou peut
importe le repas
63Lodging; food and beverage serving
Mehala2014041010 Apr 2014 147500
65 THEfEEL4GAMING VESTTHEfEEL4GAMING VEST 89Other manufacturing services thefeel4games2015031818 Mar 2015 114100
66 Services mobiles sans contactServices mobiles sans contact 843Online information provision services idconnecthings201602055 Feb 2016 103600
67 Midnight hoopsMidnight hoops 9Community, social and personal
Ttenant201603055 Mar 2016 77800
69 PencilPencil 89Other manufacturing services Mrsbagley201605044 May 2016 72900
70 PencilPencil 89Other manufacturing services Mrsbagley201605044 May 2016 70800
71 test d'idétest d'idé 5Construction services dricheck2016092525 Sep 2016 84200