General comment: the information given hereafter is not contractual. Only the Terms and Conditions shall be contractual. In case of contradictions between the information given in this section and the Terms and Conditions, the Terms and Conditions shall prevail.

Question : How much shall I pay to put an idea on idbiznet.com?
Answer : Nothing. Leaving an idea on idbiznet.com is free.

Question : Do I get any protection for my idea when leaving it on idbiznet.com?
Answer : No. idbiznet.com does not provide any protection whatsoever on any idea left on the site. It is the full responsiblity of the persone leaving an idea on idbiznet.com to protect it with any appropriate solution.

Question : How do people interested in my idea contact me?
Answer : People interested in your idea send you a request for contact via idbiznet.com. This request is sent to you by email. You can then get in contact with this person the way you want.

Question : Is there any security in the exchanges we can perform on idbiznet.com?
Answer : No. No security is granted by idbiznet.com.

Question : What type of ideas can be put on idbiznet.com?
Answer : Any legal business idea.

Question : How are the ideas ordered on idbiznet.com?
Answer : The basic ordering is performed on the basis of economical sector. Additional classification is performed through other means (marks, number of times consulted, etc).

Question : Who can leave an idea on idbiznet.com?
Answer : Anybody can leave an idea on idbiznet.com. The idea must be owned by the person leaving it. It is the full responsibility of the one leaving the idea to check if this idea is protected or not. By leaving an idea on idbiznet.com, the person leaving it is the only person responsible for it, and any contest shall be directed to this only person and not towards idbiznet.com.

Question : Who may view an idea on idbiznet.com?
Answer : Anybody may view an idea on idbiznet.com.

Question : How shal I get in touch with somebody who has left an idea on idbiznet.com?
Answer : First, you have to register on idbiznet.com. Then, in the idea visualization page, you may send a request for contact to the idea owner. He may then get in touch with you. You are then free to exchange with the idea owner.

Question : Is there a specific language to be used to put an idea on idbiznet.com?
Answer : No, but the language of the idea shall be one of the languages proposed within the site. However it is recommended to adapt the language of the idea to the development looked for.

Question : How long may I leave my idea on idbiznet.com?
Answer : Please refer to the Terms and Conditions.

Question : What level of details shall I put on idbiznet.com when leaving my idea?
Answer : There is no simple answer to this question, however it is highly recommended to protect the idea using proper recognized organizations before putting it on idbiznet.com.

Question : Does idbiznet.com have any interest in the development of an idea?
Answer : No. idbiznet.com is only a Meeting Center.